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Dec 13, 2019

Well the verdict is in and Guyger got 10. But did anything good come from this case? And why are cops dying on a daily basis? Ron Lyons & Brad Kaufman dive deep into these topics and more!

Sep 26, 2019

Amber Guyger. An apartment. Words exchanged and rounds fired. Is this a case of murder or an accident with tragic consequences? And, will there be riots? Find out what former officers Ron Lyons & Brad Kaufman think.

Sep 3, 2019

Mass shootings are horrific events that many people are not prepared to deal with. In this episode, Ron Lyons and Brad Kaufman, both former law enforcement officers talk candidly and openly about what you can do to be better prepared.

Aug 19, 2019

Texas DPS is helping Dallas PD with their manpower shortage, but some citizens and one council member wants them out. Why? Also, two old cops talk about what you can do to avoid being a crime statistic.

Jul 26, 2019

It's all over the news: cops everywhere getting doused with buckets of water. How did we get here as a society? Where is common respect and courtesy these days? More importantly, where do we go from here?

In this episode, former police officers Ron Lyons and Brad Kaufman discuss this disturbing trend and how we may be...